Early years mental health - the role of the early years practitioner - Online Training

Closes 9 Dec 2021

Opened 17 Sep 2020


Course description, key stages and target audience

Introduction to Early Years Mental Health – the role of the Early Years practitioner.

This training supports practitioners in early years settings to enhance practice that supports early years mental health for all.  It includes evidence-based practices that support vulnerable children.  It offers guidance in the assessment and provision for children who display challenging behaviour.

There are 3 sessions in total which enable you to select the topics most relevant to you.

Part 1: Understanding young children’s behaviour 

Part 2: The practitioner as an emotionally available adult 

Parts 1 and 2 are together as one workshop and support practitioners to:

  • recognise the emotions at the core of high-risk behaviour and the role of the practitioner in ‘co-regulating’ with the child as a means to support the child ‘feeling’ their emotion rather than just ‘behaving’ it;
  • to work with their own case study to develop a deeper understanding of the child’s behaviour;
  • use practical strategies that can make a powerful difference to a child’s emotional ‘growth’ and support improvements in behaviour through relationship.

Part 3 Relationship-based provision 

This is a separate workshop (from Parts 1 and 2) and is in two sections. Looking at current policy and research we consider how mental health can be enhanced in the enabling environment with a refreshing approach to behaviour policy and explore the therapeutic properties of the everyday early years resources and interventions.

Setting leads/ childminders will find this comprehensive workshop stands alone but also  complements parts 1 and 2.

Practitioners are invited to review a model Wellbeing and Relationships policy which reflects current research and evidence-based practice. The Word version of this example policy is a free download within the workshop. Interventions that support relationship-based provision are considered alongside the practical strategies described in the first sessions.

This training is designed to meet current expectations in CPD for Early Years practitioners – Preschools and Schools (EYFS).  It also meets the Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development (DfE, 2016).  A pre-course study pack is provided to enable participants to gain the most learning from the experience.

Reflections from settings who have experienced this training:

The trainer is ‘really easy to listen to, down to earth’, ‘explains in a way I could understand and went over bits’ and ‘such a lovely welcoming, friendly lady’.

‘This course has really changed my view in a positive way’

‘Absolutely fantastic; informative and entertaining – using what we have learned ourselves today – already!’

‘I really think this workshop was amazing. It will stay with me and I look forward to using what I’ve learnt’.

Course costs

Parts 1 and 2 are linked as one workshop, practical and interactive - ideal for all practitioners. (35 mins + 45 mins approx.). You will have access for 23 hours from 9am-8am with a choice of date to suit you. Prices as follows:

  • Individual/Childminder £25
  • School/Setting (2 -10 delegates) £75
  • School/Setting (11+ delegates) £100

Part 3 is in two sections based on a free example Wellbeing and Relationships policy which reflects current research and evidence-based practice with clearly defined responses to support children with high needs and challenging behaviour.  (1 hr approx). This part can be added as an extra to part 1 and 2 for the following amount:

  • Individual/Childminder £25
  • School/Setting (2 -10 delegates) £75
  • School/Setting (11+ delegates) £100

We will send you an invoice shortly after your place has been confirmed. Fees are non-refundable.

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