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  • Sensory Service from a customer/user perspective.

    At Essex County Council , we want to develop the best possible services for those with a sensory impairment , their friends / families' carers and parents of young people and children. This survey is a first step to gathering your views,... More

    Closes 30 September 2021

  • ESCB - Online Safety - campaign content feedback

    We hope you found information from the ESCB’s online safety week useful. All resources are available on our website: Online Safety ( More

    Closes 30 September 2021

  • Sensory services a professional view point.

    At Essex County Council, we want to ensure the best possible services for those with a sensory impairment, their friends, families, carers and parents of young people and children. As a professional we would value your input to help us better understand your experience of... More

    Closes 30 September 2021

  • Sensory services from a carer point of view

    At Essex County Council , we want to develop the best possible services for those with a sensory impairment , their friends / families' carers and parents of young people and children. This survey is a first step to gathering your views,... More

    Closes 30 September 2021

  • Mental Health Support Survey

    At Essex County Council we want to find out more about the experiences of people who have a mental health condition and those who are caring for someone with a mental health condition. The following questions will help us to understand: • The lived experiences from a... More

    Closes 1 October 2021

Closed consultations

  • Jaywick Sands to Clacton Pier / Carnarvon Road consultation

    Our ambition is to make Essex a safer, greener and healthier place where people choose to walk or cycle rather than automatically jump in the car, especially for shorter journeys. We know that many Essex residents are concerned about traffic congestion, air pollution and road... More

    Closed 10 September 2021

  • ''Tell us about your childcare needs''

    At Essex County Council we have a legal responsibility to make sure there are enough childcare places to meet all children’s needs across Essex via a Childcare Sufficiency Audit . As a parent of children aged 0-19 (or 25 if your child has special education needs or disabilities)... More

    Closed 10 September 2021

  • Domestic Abuse Tier 2 support

    The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 (The Act) received Royal Assent on 29 April 2021. Part 4 of The Act places a statutory duty on Tier 1 Authorities relating to the provision of support to victims of domestic abuse (DA) and their children residing within safe accommodation, which includes their home... More

    Closed 6 September 2021

  • Direct Payment Support Offer draft options

    The New Direct Payment Offer and Options to Consider In the past year ECC have undertaken a number of DP Co-Production workshops looking at our current DP offer and how we can improve upon it for the future. We have gathered some invaluable insight from people with Lived Experience of Direct... More

    Closed 30 August 2021

  • Children and Families outdoor cinema evening (staff)

    sign up to children and families outdoor cinema More

    Closed 19 August 2021

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

We engaged with the public in November/December 2020 about our proposals to address air quality issues in an area of Basildon.

Locations on a stretch of the A127 and two areas to the south of it (most notably on the A132 East Mayne) have been identified as exceeding legal limits for nitrogen dioxide - a harmful gas caused by vehicle emissions. Essex County Council and Basildon Borough Council were directed by Government to improve air quality on the A127 as quickly as possible and a new 50mph speed limit was introduced earlier this year.

The councils were also instructed to carry out further analysis to establish what measures would be needed to bring air quality to within legal levels as soon as possible on East Mayne (A132). We, therefore, investigated a series of options and scenarios.

As a result of that work, we identified a preferred option – the relocation of the shared pedestrian and cyclist route on East Mayne to reduce people’s exposure to air pollution in the worst affected area (central reservation) and remove the requirement for the location to be reportable.

Our technical work has shown this measure would result in compliance with legal air quality levels on East Mayne in 2022, while avoiding any disproportionate impact on residents and businesses.

Residents, businesses and visitors to Basildon, as well as any other interested parties, were encouraged to have their say on our proposals by completing our Basildon Air Quality Survey.

An online brochure complemented the survey to set the scene, provide the background to the project and the subject of air quality, explain the preferred option and outline other efforts to tackle air pollution in Basildon.

You said

In total, we received 164 responses to the public engagement survey – all of which were submitted online. These provided a valuable insight into people’s thoughts about air quality, sustainable modes of travel and our scheme to relocate the pedestrian and cyclist route.

  • 81% of respondents indicated they felt improving air quality was an important issue
  • 74% said they were concerned about the impacts of poor air quality on the health of them, their family and friends
  • 88% were concerned about the impacts of poor air quality on the environment
  • 63% of those who responded to the survey said that, given the need to bring air quality in East Mayne to legal levels in the shortest possible time, they were either supportive (or very supportive) of the preferred option or described their views on the option as ‘neutral’. 37% described themselves as opposed (or very opposed) to the preferred option
  • 52% of respondents indicated they thought the preferred option would have an impact in reducing people’s exposure to air pollution, while 46% said they thought it would have no significant impact and 2% did not know
  • 96% of people described the information provided as part of the public engagement as either helpful (73%) or ‘neither helpful nor unhelpful’ (23%)

We also noted concerns expressed about the perceived impacts of the preferred option on traffic flow, congestion, and the increased crossing points and journey times for pedestrian and cyclists, notably those travelling in the north/south direction between Wickford and Basildon.

We did

The data collected as part of the survey enabled us to gain a fuller understanding of people’s views on air quality and our proposals to help inform the decision-making processes and our outline business case for the scheme.

It also enabled us to identify potential issues and concerns and to ensure that any feedback about our proposals can be taken into consideration as they are developed further.

Having considered people’s feedback, an outline business case for the scheme has now been approved by both Essex County Council and Basildon Borough Council and has been submitted to the Government for approval.

Following comments about the increased journey times and number of crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists travelling between Wickford and Basildon, potential future mitigation measures are being investigated. Design changes have also been made to the scheme to widen parts of the proposed crossing route.

The public had a further opportunity to comment on the amended proposals during a public notice period in April/May 2021.

A full business case is expected to be submitted this summer, with construction of the scheme scheduled to start in the autumn and be completed in the winter, bringing air quality to within legal levels in 2022.

To find out more about the proposed scheme, please visit

We asked


Essex County Council carried out a public consultation on proposals for changes to the use of Concessionary Bus Passes on Essex County Council run Park and Ride services.

The consultation asked questions to establish whether or not people agreed with the proposals and their reasons for this, as well as what existing concessionary pass holders would do if they had to pay a reduced fare to use the service.

The consultation ran from 8 May 2019 to 31 July 2019, and asked whether the public agree with the following proposals:

1. That the concession offered by the County Council on its Park and Ride services in Chelmsford and Colchester to holders of older people’s bus passes should change from free travel after 9am on weekdays (and at all times at weekends and on public holidays), to a £1.50 day fare when showing their bus pass.

2. That holders of disability-based passes should continue to be able to use their free pass on these services after 9am on weekdays (and at all times at weekends and on public holidays) but should also be able to buy a £1.50 day fare when showing their bus pass before 9am.

You said

Key conclusions

  • 26% of respondents agreed with proposal 1
  • 73% of respondents disagreed with proposal 1
  • 62% of respondents agreed with proposal 2
  • 35% of respondents disagreed with proposal 2

Please see final report for summary of responses.

We did

Both proposals have been agreed, and changes will come into effect from 01 April 2020.

At present all bus pass holders pay the full Park and Ride fare until 09:00 (except at weekends and public holidays when they travel free at all time). Between 09:00 and 24:00 they travel for free.

From 01 April 2020 older people’s pass holders will have to pay a reduced rate of £1.50 at all times. There is an introductory offer of 2 adult pass holders can travel for £2 for the first six months.

Disability pass holders will still be able to travel free between 09:00 and 24:00 on weekdays and at all times at weekends and public holidays.

In addition they will be able to pay a reduced fare of £1.50 to travel before 09:00 on weekdays.

This decision relates to both Chelmsford Park and Rides (Sandon & Chelmer Valley), Colchester Park and Ride and the Broomfield Hospital Shuttle Service.

We asked

Essex County Council recognizes the importance of walking both as a form
of transport and as a leisure activity. The Walking Strategy is a response
to the challenges and opportunities of walking in Essex, it outlines in detail
the steps being taken to encourage walking at present and the direction
that will be taken in the future.

The consultation seeked views on the draft sections within the document to inform the final strategy

You said

Key conclusions

884 respondents

Over half of the respondents (598) stated that 'leisure' was
the main purpose for walking

The main purpose for people walking is to enjoy green

On average 77% of respondents who are essex residents walk for more than 15 minutes a day

For 10-15 minute distances, 728 out of 884 residents would
walk rather than use other modes of transport such as

For detailed findings can be found via the consultation page

We did

The results of the consultation is shaping a further engagement piece
that will inform the final version of the strategy ready for publication at a later date