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  • Essex Plastic Pledge School Grant Application

    This is the application form for the Essex Plastic Pledge school grant. The Love Essex team want to help schools and Early Years settings on their journey to reducing single-use plastics. We're excited to announce the school grant scheme, offering up to forty microgrants of £250 to... More

    Closes 28 February 2021

  • Research Community of Practice Survey

    Thank you for being part of the Research Community of Practice and for joining us on the kick off session a few weeks ago. We had a lot of ideas for activities we could do to make the community of practice a success, one of which is focused on sharing research tools. More

    Closes 1 March 2021

  • We are listening

    Social distancing is not going to be easy. We're working on different ways that we can keep in touch and it's really important that you have an opportunity to talk to us, when you need to. You can fill out this form to tell us how you are feeling or if you need help with anything. If you want... More

    Closes 2 March 2021

  • Essex Forest Initiative Parish Survey

    A survey intended to gather information from parish councils who are interested in the Essex Forest Initiative. More

    Closes 5 March 2021

  • Understanding Stress-Related Health Needs of Career Men and Women

    Despite our bodies showing signs of not coping under our modern way of life, the symptoms have been normalised by society and are not treatable by our local doctor. This has led to a diet culture that promises quick aesthetic results, without addressing underlining imbalances. What many people... More

    Closes 15 March 2021

Forthcoming consultations

  • Composting Competition March 2021

    For a chance to win a fantastic Thermo-King 900 litre compost bin all you need to do is complete our short survey about composting. Terms and conditions apply (e ntrants must live in statutory Essex; any other entrants will be disqualified). More

    Opens 1 March 2021

Closed consultations

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked


Essex County Council carried out a public consultation on proposals for changes to the use of Concessionary Bus Passes on Essex County Council run Park and Ride services.

The consultation asked questions to establish whether or not people agreed with the proposals and their reasons for this, as well as what existing concessionary pass holders would do if they had to pay a reduced fare to use the service.

The consultation ran from 8 May 2019 to 31 July 2019, and asked whether the public agree with the following proposals:

1. That the concession offered by the County Council on its Park and Ride services in Chelmsford and Colchester to holders of older people’s bus passes should change from free travel after 9am on weekdays (and at all times at weekends and on public holidays), to a £1.50 day fare when showing their bus pass.

2. That holders of disability-based passes should continue to be able to use their free pass on these services after 9am on weekdays (and at all times at weekends and on public holidays) but should also be able to buy a £1.50 day fare when showing their bus pass before 9am.

You said

Key conclusions

  • 26% of respondents agreed with proposal 1
  • 73% of respondents disagreed with proposal 1
  • 62% of respondents agreed with proposal 2
  • 35% of respondents disagreed with proposal 2

Please see final report for summary of responses.

We did

Both proposals have been agreed, and changes will come into effect from 01 April 2020.

At present all bus pass holders pay the full Park and Ride fare until 09:00 (except at weekends and public holidays when they travel free at all time). Between 09:00 and 24:00 they travel for free.

From 01 April 2020 older people’s pass holders will have to pay a reduced rate of £1.50 at all times. There is an introductory offer of 2 adult pass holders can travel for £2 for the first six months.

Disability pass holders will still be able to travel free between 09:00 and 24:00 on weekdays and at all times at weekends and public holidays.

In addition they will be able to pay a reduced fare of £1.50 to travel before 09:00 on weekdays.

This decision relates to both Chelmsford Park and Rides (Sandon & Chelmer Valley), Colchester Park and Ride and the Broomfield Hospital Shuttle Service.

We asked

Essex County Council recognizes the importance of walking both as a form
of transport and as a leisure activity. The Walking Strategy is a response
to the challenges and opportunities of walking in Essex, it outlines in detail
the steps being taken to encourage walking at present and the direction
that will be taken in the future.

The consultation seeked views on the draft sections within the document to inform the final strategy

You said

Key conclusions

884 respondents

Over half of the respondents (598) stated that 'leisure' was
the main purpose for walking

The main purpose for people walking is to enjoy green

On average 77% of respondents who are essex residents walk for more than 15 minutes a day

For 10-15 minute distances, 728 out of 884 residents would
walk rather than use other modes of transport such as

For detailed findings can be found via the consultation page

We did

The results of the consultation is shaping a further engagement piece
that will inform the final version of the strategy ready for publication at a later date

We asked

Essex County Council have produced a draft Green Essex Strategy that raises the importance of developing quality green infrastructure and green spaces across Essex to accompany planned growth across the county over the next 20 years.

The startegy was developed an Essex County Council cross directorate steering group and a range of stakeholders

The consultation seeked views and feedback on the draft document in development of the Green strategy

You said

Key Conclusions

931 respondents contributed to the consultation

75.72% of people stated they use green spaces for leisure,  67.34% of people use green spaces for health reasons, 42.64% of people use green spaces for dog walking.

58.21% of people felt easier access of green spaces would increase usage.

52.95% agreed with both the vision and objectives of the Green Strategy

For more information please refer to the reports available via the consultation page

We did

The information received within the consultation is been incorporated in the final strategy which will be published shortly.