Park & Ride Concessionary Bus Pass Consultation

Closes 31 Jul 2019

The proposals

The proposals are from April 2020.

1. To change from offering free travel on the Park and Ride services for people who hold the older person’s bus pass, to charging a day fare of £1.50.The new charge would apply at all times.

2. There will be no change to services after 9am on weekdays for use of disability based passes – this will remain free.

Currently, holders of disability based passes pay full fare when showing before 9am. WE ARE PROPOSING TO REDUCE THE COST OF TRAVEL FOR DISABLED PASS HOLDERS FROM FULL FARE TO £1.50 (and then free travel after 9am, as now).

ECC considers that the proposal will allow it to protect the most vulnerable groups and retain a concession for older people, while reducing the cost of providing the scheme.

We are asking for your views on the proposal. These will form part of our consideration about whether to go ahead with the proposals. Any cost reductions realised in this area will help reduce the pressure on other areas of spend, including tax payer funding for local bus services that are not commercially viable and Community Transport schemes, as well as wider areas of spend such as adult social care.

How do I know if I'm affected?

How do I know if I am affected?

If you use the County Councils Park and Ride services, including the Broomfield Hospital Shuttle, and hold an older person’s bus pass, (it has a blue panel down the right-hand side and looks like the example below), you will be affected by the proposals because you will be asked to show your pass and pay £1.50 at all times of travel.

If you hold a disability pass, (it has an orange panel down the right-hand side - it looks like the samples below), you will not be adversely affected by the proposals. You can still travel free after 9am and will also be able to pay the reduced day fare of £1.50 before 9am.

Why are disabled persons passes not included in the changes?

At present there are 270,000 registered bus pass holders in Essex of whom around 15,000 hold their pass on grounds of disability. Given the inclusion challenges people with a disability face in accessing key services and the relatively small proportion of disability entitled pass holders, Essex County Council is not proposing to apply any of the changes to disabled pass holders at this time.

These changes are proposed to come into effect from 1st April 2020.