Mental Health Support Survey

Closes 1 Oct 2021

Opened 1 Sep 2021


At Essex County Council we want to find out more about the experiences of people who have a mental health condition and those who are caring for someone with a mental health condition.

The following questions will help us to understand:
• The lived experiences from a range of people who have/have not used services in the mental health system
• What help, and support currently looks like for people
• What future support could look like

This survey is for people aged 12 and upwards, but we will need parental consent from anyone who is aged between the 12 and 16 to complete this survey.

This survey is for research purposes, and it will not affect any support you currently receive. If you would like to make a comment, compliment, or complaint about social care services, please visit Complaints and compliments - Essex County Council.

Your answers will be kept completely confidential and won't be used in any way that makes you identifiable. Your participation is voluntary, and you can choose what information you share with us.

We won’t be able to talk to everybody, but we may get in contact with you for a further chat to discuss the research in more detail. Although you won't receive a voucher for filling in this survey today, however, if you are selected to take part in the further research, you will be offered a £20-£50 voucher as a thank for your time on completion of the research.

If you need any help completing this survey, please email

If you need to contact someone for mental health support, please find: Useful contact numbers.






GDPR and Data Protection Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018, we have a legal duty to protect any information we collect from you.  The information will only be used for the purposes described above and will not be kept longer than is necessary to do so, up to a maximum of two years. We will not share your personal details with any other agency unless we have concerns that you or another individual may be at risk of harm or if it is required by law. We do not collect personal information for commercial purposes.

You can visit Essex County Council Children’s & Families Social Care Privacy Notice via the following link:

You can also visit Essex County Council Adult Social Care Privacy notice via the following link:

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