Questions for Partners from CE & Missing Subcommittee

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Closes 7 Aug 2020


1. Please tick which service you are
2. Pauses in exploitation for some young people has given us opportunities to disrupt – how has your service taken advantage of this?
3. Are you aware of any changes to child exploitation in Essex?
4. Has your service been able to adapt your service delivery to meet the changing needs of children and their families at risk of child exploitation?
5. Have you been able to use technology to work with children and young people at risk of child exploitation?
6. What have been the positives and barriers to this?
7. What are your lasting impressions on how positively the partnership has responded to Child Exploitation during Covid-19 restrictions?
8. Are you confident that your service has been able to engage with children and families and work alongside them to address concerns on risks during Covid-19 restrictions?
9. What has been your impact working with children and families to address risks?
10. What changes will be made to your service due to your learning during Covid-19 restrictions?
11. What will you be most proud of during the Covid-19 restrictions in how your organisation responded?