Essex Minerals Local Plan Review Consultation

Closed 29 Apr 2021

Opened 18 Mar 2021

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Essex Minerals Local Plan Review Consultation

The Essex Minerals Local Plan was adopted in July 2014 and provides planning policies for minerals development in Essex until 2029. It sets a policy framework within which the best possible use of mineral resources; mainly sand and gravel in Essex, can be achieved. It also allocates sites for future mineral extraction and associated development. 

We are required by legislation to complete an assessment of adopted plans within five years of adoption to ensure that policies remain relevant and effectively address the needs of the local community. In November 2019 we published our intention to commence a formal Minerals Local Plan Review, which requires public consultation

As well as your views on the proposed amendments to the Minerals Local Plan 2014, we are also seeking your views with regards to whether the decision to NOT amend some policies is appropriate. We are seeking comment on both the nature of the amendments as well as specific wording.

Please note that there are no newly proposed sites within the plan. Sites that are currently allocated as ‘Preferred Sites’ have already been demonstrated as being appropriate for extraction through an Examination in Public held in 2013. They continue to be considered appropriate unless there are demonstrable issues with their delivery.


The five key consultation documents are available to view here on this portal:

1 - The Minerals Local Plan 2014 – Draft Amendments

This document shows amendments as tracked changes. Newly proposed wording is shown in underlined italics, with wording proposed to be deleted shown with a strikethrough.

This particular document has been split into sections with the associated questions for each section shown underneath. You can choose which parts of the plan you wish to comment on; you do not need to answer every question.

2 - The Minerals Local Plan 2014 – As Amended

This document has had the draft amendments implemented so that you can more clearly see how the proposed amendments would fit into the future amended plan.

3 – Schedule of Amendments

This document sets out a list of all the proposed amendments by paragraph number.

4 – Rationale Report

This document sets out the reasoning behind the proposed MLP amendments, policy-by-policy. 

5 - Sustainability Appraisal

An SA tests a plan’s policies to ensure that they’re supporting sustainable development. They test policies across environmental, social and economic themes, as set out in the Sustainability Appraisal itself. They must also consider any viable alternatives. Responses are specifically invited on the SA, through a tailored question as part of this consultation. 

There is also a tailored question on the evidence base as part of this consultation. The evidence base for the MLP Review can be viewed at

This is your opportunity to influence the contents of the Minerals Local Plan. Comments received during this consultation will be analysed and the proposed amendments redrafted accordingly. A revised Plan will then be subjected to another public consultation in accordance with Regulation 19 of the Town and Country Planning Act (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (As amended). This future consultation will include the authority’s responses to the issues raised during this consultation. The date of this further public engagement will be published on the County Council’s website following an assessment of the comments received.


Please note we are unable to accept anonymous representations. It is a requirement of the Local Plan process that comments can only be deemed legitimate (‘‘duly made’’) if they are received in a written format with a name and address supplied. Comments made verbally or anonymously cannot be accepted.

All comments made to this consultation will be made available to view publicly on this portal, including those submitted via letter and email. Information will be published in accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ECC’s own privacy notice


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