Jaywick Sands to Clacton Pier / Carnarvon Road consultation

Closed 10 Sep 2021

Opened 11 Aug 2021


Our ambition is to make Essex a safer, greener and healthier place where people choose to walk or cycle rather than automatically jump in the car, especially for shorter journeys. 

We know that many Essex residents are concerned about traffic congestion, air pollution and road safety and are currently working on a number of schemes across the county to encourage more walking and cycling. We are now ready to share our proposals for Jaywick Sands to Clacton Pier and up Carnarvon Road to the train station.

The proposals we are consulting on will allow cyclists in Jaywick Sands to connect to roads and cycle paths in Clacton, encourage cycling access to the station and on to the Clacton business and industrial estates. The funding to do this is available but we would like Clacton and Jaywick Sands residents to help us shape the scheme by giving us their feedback.

About the scheme:

The proposed scheme is in three parts:

1. Jaywick Sands (Tamarisk Road car park) to the National Cycle Route 150  (NCR 150)

The route between Jaywick Sands and the National Cycle Route 150 is not currently a cycle route but as cyclists regularly use it, our proposals include transforming it into a cycle route. This will make it safer and more accessible for both cycling and walking along the sea wall from Jaywick Sands (Tamarisk Way car park) to connect with the National Cycle Route 150. The existing NCR 150 finishes at the junction of The Close, Jaywick Sands and the Broadway. 

We have investigated (but discounted) connecting with The Broadway at the junction of Beach Way/Meadow Way into Tamarisk Way and then along to Brooklands. Although feasible, this route would involve the reallocation of road space,  installation of speed reduction measures (speed humps), additional street clutter and parking reductions.

2. Jaywick Sands to Clacton Pier:

We would like to make improvements to the current National Cycle Route (NCR number 150) between Jaywick Sands and Clacton Pier. Suggested enhancements include widening a section of the existing route as well as improving the signage, lighting and drainage.

3. Clacton Pier to Carnarvon Road:

Our proposals include the reallocation of road space on Carnarvon Road to allow for the installation of a new cycleway thus enabling access to the train station. Traffic flow will not be affected. The numerous crossing facilities on Carnarvon Road will be upgraded with the ambition to allow cyclists to cross the road without having to dismount. Proposed junction improvements will be made to facilitate improved flow of pedestrians and cyclists.The proposals also include either the removal of the five parking bays on Carnarvon Road (holding approximately 12 vehicles) to allow a direct cycle route OR retaining the parking bays and installing a shared route on the footway for pedestrians and cyclists.

To view the map relating to the proposal, please click on the link at the bottom of the page under Related Documents

Why your views matter

We would like you to help us shape our proposals. Please give us your feedback by completing the short survey now and help us make Jaywick Sands and Clacton safer, greener, and healthier.

Once we have received your feedback, we will analyse the findings and hope to commence work later in the summer. Please follow us on Twitter @SGGH_Essex for regular updates.


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