Braintree Future Transport Strategy

Closes 9 Jan 2023

Opened 21 Nov 2022


Many of us in Braintree town travel by car for even the shortest of journeys. This could be for many reasons - but if we were to all walk, cycle or use public transport for a short journey just twice a week we would see a reduction of 50,000 car journeys from within the town.

This would help reduce congestion, rat-running, improve health and wellbeing and help improve the look and feel of the town.

The Braintree Future Transport Strategy outlines the existing transport issues and opportunities for Braintree town, with a long-term vision and strategy which will guide future transport developments to be safer, greener and healthier. 

This survey looks to understand more about how you travel, the travel decisions you make and also your views on the strategy.

Your feedback will help to refine the strategy and once agreed it will help us to identify potential schemes to take forward. 



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