Basildon Air Quality Survey

Closed 14 Dec 2020

Opened 13 Nov 2020


Air pollution, mainly caused by vehicles on the roads, is having a harmful effect on the health of people living, visiting and working in parts of Basildon and must be addressed.

Locations on a stretch of the A127 and two areas to the south of it (most notably on the A132 East Mayne) have been identified as exceeding legal limits for nitrogen dioxide. Essex County Council and Basildon Borough Council were directed by Government to improve air quality on the A127 as quickly as possible and a new 50mph speed limit was introduced earlier this year to tackle the issue.

The councils were also instructed to carry out further analysis to establish what measures would be needed to bring air quality to within legal levels as soon as possible on East Mayne (A132). We have, therefore, been investigating a series of options and scenarios.

This work has been taking place for several months and we are pleased to now be able to share our preferred option – the relocation of shared crossings on East Mayne to reduce the exposure of pedestrians and cyclsits to air pollution. Our technical work has shown this measure would result in compliance with legal air quality levels on East Mayne in 2022, while avoiding any disproportionate impact on residents and businesses. It would also complement wider projects and initiatives to encourage a shift to safer, greener and healthier transport and improve air quality across Basildon.

This public engagement period is an opportunity for us to tell you more about the project, share our proposals and for you to tell us what you think  as we continue our journey to cleaner travel in Basildon.


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