Ambitious Women in Essex Networking - Saffron Walden Museum - 28 Feb 2023

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Closes 28 Mar 2023


1. What is your name?
2. What is your email address?
3. What is your organisation?
4. Did you attend the event on 28 February? (If yes, move to Q6)
5. If no, do you mind telling us why? (You are free to leave the survey here, or move to Q10 to give some general feedback)
6. On a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being 'not at all' and 10 being 'very') could you please rate how well informed you felt prior to the event
7. What did you take away from the event? (Tick as many as you like)
8. What did you think about the speakers at the event?
9. We are keen to promote the amazing work of the community and would love to encourage you to share your entrepreneurial journey or a demonstration from a part of your business. Would you like to volunteer to have a discussion about being a future speaker? (If yes, then you give permission for Ambitious Women in Essex to contact you via email).
10. Please feel free to add any other feedback about the event, or Ambitious Women in Essex. Your views are invaluable in shaping how the community is run in the future!