New Carers Offer

Closed 28 Jul 2023

Opened 28 Jun 2023

Feedback updated 27 Sep 2023

We asked

We asked about our proposal for a redesigned Carers Offer which includes:

  • Enhancing the Essex Wellbeing Service as a first point of contact for carers
  • More community based opportunities and support for carers
  • Specialised support for carers
  • Access to relevant training for carers

You said

There was broad agreement from respondents for the proposed Carers Offer.  The full report can be viewed here

We did

Insight from the online engagement was used to finalise the proposed Carers Offer Model.  It will help to ensure that these offers of support come together to ensure effective support for carers in Essex.

Results updated 27 Sep 2023



This form introduces our proposals for a redesigned offer for Essex carers.  By carers we mean unpaid carers, people who look after family and friends.  The offer has been co-produced with carers, organisations who work with them, and a range of partners and front line workers.  We are now seeking final views on the offer, and this is your chance to contribute.

Why your views matter

Whether people identify as a ‘carer’ or simply see themselves as a parent, partner, son, daughter or friend, we want to ensure people can access information, advice, guidance and support when they need it and early into their caring role.

Essex County Council plans on making significant investment for carers support and this form introduces our proposals for a co-produced redesigned offer for Essex carers.  We are now seeking concluding views on the model from you.



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