Essex Summer of Art 2019 Survey

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Closes 20 Dec 2019


1. What is your name?
2. What is your email address?
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3. Today's Date:
4. Which event did you attend today?
5. Have you attended this event before?
6. How much did you enjoy the event or activity?
7. Do you have any comments about the open studio, event or art trail?
8. Have you been or are you intending to go to any other studio, event or art trail?
9. How did you find out about Summer of Art?
10. Did you find the information about the Summer of Art (pink brochure) clear and helpful?
11. Please select your age range.
12. How many of you attended an Essex Summer of Art event.
13. Has attending an art trail, studio or event encouraged you to stay longer in the town or area?
14. How did you travel to the Summer of Art today?
15. How far did you travel?
16. Did you spend any money on your visit to the event? If so, please indicate how much?
£1 - £10
£11 - £30
£31 - £50
£51 - £99
£100 plus
17. What is the first half of your postcode?
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19. Please provide us with a contact telephone number so that we can contact you should you win a prize. This is solely for use in the prize draw and will not be used for marketing. We will only retain this information for the duration of the Essex Summer of Art programme up until October 2018. Please visit: for further information about Essex County Council process personal data*