EYS - Questions on earlier intervention for 12+ year olds

Closed 11 Dec 2020

Opened 17 Nov 2020


Essex County Council Youth Service are currently reviewing our core age range and are undertaking a research project to capture the views of the wider community as we seek to understand the services and provisions available to help children make the transition into their teenage years.

The Youth Service currently work with a core age of 13-19 and up to 25 for young people with SEND.                                                     

We are exploring the option of increasing our reach to provide earlier help and lower our entry age into the service to 10 years.                                      

This survey has been designed to capture your thoughts on earlier help, establish what services already exist and what could be improved. The information gained from this survey will help build an understanding of current needs and inform any proposed changes to how the youth service operate in the future.


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