2020Vision: For a Clearer Road Ahead

Closed 20 Mar 2020

Opened 24 Feb 2020


Road congestion is one of the major problems facing businesses, yet businesses are one of the major causes of road congestion.

It’s a dilemma too few in business are comfortable facing up to, but BusinessTime in Essex believes it’s time to face the unpalatable – which is why they have launched their campaign: 2020 Vision: For a Clearer Road Ahead.

So, here’s the challenge... During 2020, they want to see as many businesses as possible offer at least 20% of their workforce the opportunity to work at least 20% of their week from home.

Why your views matter

To obtain baseline data to establish how many companies are currently promoting and adopting this practice, with a view to survey again in a year's time to see how things have changed.




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