Proposal to establish a new SLD (Severe Learning Difficulties) Special Needs School on the Wolsey Park development, Rayleigh, from early 2026

Closed 5 Apr 2024

Opened 23 Feb 2024


Rochford has experienced a significant rise in the need for special school places in recent years as a result of a growing local population. There is predicted to be continued pressure on special school places in the coming years, mainly as a result of planned housing developments and inward migration across areas of the town.  The Wolsey Park housing development, which will continue to progress for a number of years, will increase demand for school places in this area of Rochford significantly.

Why your views matter

A new special school, which will be an academy as required by Government legislation, is proposed to be established on the Wolsey Park development, Rayleigh, from early 2026.

ECC is required to consult with the community about the need for the school, and this is the consultation which we are undertaking now. 



  • Rochford


  • Anyone from any background


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