Proposal to establish a new 210 place primary school to serve the St Luke's Park development, Rettendon from September 2022

Closed 13 Dec 2020

Opened 2 Nov 2020


Chelmsford has experienced a significant rise in the demand for school places in recent years as a result of new housing, rising births and families with young children moving into the area (inward migration). There is predicted to be continued pressure on school places in the coming years, mainly as a result of planned housing developments and inward migration across areas of the town.  The housing developments in the Rettendon area, which have been progressing for a number of years, will increase demand for school places in this area of Chelmsford significantly.

Why we are consulting

A new school, which will be an academy as required by Government legislation, is proposed to be established on the St. Luke’s Park development from September 2022.  The new school would accommodate the need for additional places for pupils residing in and around this area where there has been significant housing development.

ECC is required to consult with the community about the need for the school, and this is the consultation which we are undertaking now. 



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  • Anyone from any background


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