Rural Braintree Survey

Closed 28 Nov 2022

Opened 12 Sep 2022


Exploring the experiences of working age people with financial pressures in rural Braintree

Essex County Council, in partnership with Braintree District Council, is carrying out research to explore the experiences of individuals and households in rural areas of Braintree district, who are having long term or more recent struggles and feeling the financial pressure.  We want to talk with a range of working age people (aged 18+ years), including those with and without dependent children, and those with a disability or long-term condition.

For the purposes of this survey, rural Braintree is anywhere in the district of Braintree apart from the towns of Braintree, Halstead and Witham.  If you live in rural Braintree, please give us your views.

Why take part?

Your views will help us to understand what the challenges are for you, and your ideas for improving standards of living.  This will help us to improve our response to the area and local support.  

Do I need to take part?

Taking part in this survey is voluntary and will not affect your individual support or services.  What you tell us is confidential.  The only exception to this is if we feel that you or someone else is at risk of harm and then we have a duty to tell someone.  Insight will only be shared outside of the research team in an anonymised form in the results report. 

Taking part in further research

There is an opportunity for some people to join further research where we will ask more in-depth questions to understand your situation.   If you are interested, then please provide us with your contact details at the end of the survey.  We cannot respond to everyone but if selected for the further research we will be able to offer you a small incentive for your time or donation to charity.

You will not receive an incentive for completing this initial survey (only on completion of further research).

GDPR and Data Protection 

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018, we have a legal duty to protect any information we collect from you.  The information will only be used for the purposes described above and will not be kept longer than is necessary to do so, up to a maximum of two years. We do not collect personal information for commercial purposes. 

The data controller is Essex County Council. The results report will be kept indefinitely for permanent preservation (where all data will be anonymised).

Essex County Council fully complies with information legislation. If you would like the full details of how we use personal data, and the rights you have about its use, please go to  or call 03457 430430.


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