'Leading Greater Essex' Alumni Survey

Closed 6 Jan 2022

Opened 18 Nov 2021


With more than 200 leaders having already successfully completed 'Leading Greater Essex' since 2016, ECC is interested in forming an Alumni network for individuals who have participated in it.

ECC hopes that an alumni network will enable past and present participants to build an ongoing learning community that enables access to research, courses and key speakers so that they can continue their personal development. An alumni network could establish a critical mass of system leaders across the County, give the ability to engage and leverage networks to consider some of the complex issues the County faces. It could also provide opportunities for members to:

  • Develop connections
  • Tackle cross-cutting wicked problems
  • Stay informed on system wide issues & interventions
  • Maintain and expand system leadership skills
  • Help or mentorship for future programme students



  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Art services
  • Activities
  • Country parks
  • Community initiatives
  • Trading standards
  • Community development
  • Schools
  • Adult learning
  • Early years
  • Skills and competences
  • Waste
  • Recycling
  • Environmental planning
  • Support for adults
  • Support for children
  • Support for carers
  • Health
  • Public Health
  • Highways
  • Public transport
  • Community transport
  • Transport planning
  • Business advice and support
  • Corporate operations
  • Central government
  • Democracy
  • Policy making