Recovery to Home Bed - Key Performance Indicators

Closed 19 Apr 2024

Opened 13 Mar 2024


Dear Provider,

We are requesting data surrounding the Key Performance Inidicators (KPI's) and Management Information (MI's) as specified in your contract.

Going forwards we will request this data every two months. For this report, we would like you to include data from your contract start date until 10th March 2024

As a reminder the KPI's are as follows:

  • KPI 1 - 100% of referrals responded to within two hours, when the referral is received between 08:00 and 17:00, Monday to Sunday.
  • KPI 2 - 100% of referrals made before 15:00 and required to be placed and admitted the same day, to be admitted the same day.

We are requesting this data as there is a contractual requirement for referrals to be responded to between 08:00-17:00, Monday to Sunday. Providers should be able to accept same day referrals every day of the week. 

The MI data is as follows:

  • MI1 - Where has the adult gone at the end of the RTH placement, and the percentage that have succesfully returned to home.
  • MI2 - The number of referrals refused by the service provider and reasons why.
  • MI3 - The number of adults who leave the service within four weeks. 

We are requesting this data as we with to monitor how many adults are meeting the desired outcome from the scheme, which is a return to their own home within four weeks. 




  • All Areas


  • Social and support groups


  • Not on hub