Essex Minerals Local Plan Review 2024

Closed 9 Apr 2024

Opened 6 Feb 2024


Essex Minerals Local Plan Review consultation

This Minerals Local Plan (MLP) Review consultation is in two parts. We are inviting comments on both the draft Replacement MLP document as well as the interim results of the site assessment work that will guide the allocation of new mineral sites to support development in Essex to 2040.

Further details of the Minerals Local Plan Review to date, this consultation (make link to main overview webpage) and the document evidence base (make link to Plan webpage library) can be found on our planning webpages.

Essex Minerals Local Plan Review Consultation

This document has been split into individual policies, each with its own question. You can select which policy/part of the Plan you wish to respond to from the contents page by following the above link

There is no requirement for you to answer every question and there is no minimum number of questions that need answering for your comments to be accepted.

The questions are supported by a Consultation Response Guidance Note (LINK) which sets out a number of issues in relation to the majority of policies in the Plan. Whilst this Guidance Note is intended to guide the respondent to these issues, it is not intended to limit how you should reply but rather set out matter that we feel, it may be important to test. You may note other important issues when reading the draft policies and so your response to policies may touch on none, all, or some of the issues set out in the Guidance Note.

Candidate Sites Assessment document consultation

This document has been split into Introduction/Executive Summary, 52 candidate sites and then Next Steps. You can select the site(s) you wish to comment on from the contents page by following the link above. There is not a limit to the number of sites you can comment on, however you can only respond to one question at a time before returning to the contents page to select another site.

Before submitting a site related comment, we advise that you also read the methodology and more detailed assessment for each site within appendices B-I on our consultation webpages:

Appendix B - Landscape and Visual Sensitivity 

Appendix C - Biodiversity

Appendix D - Historic Buildings 

Appendix E - Archaeology

Appendix F - Flooding

Appendix G - Transport 

Appendix H – Access 

Appendix I - Public Rights of Way, Geo-Environmental, Hydrology, Hydrogeology & Drainage, Air Quality, Soil Quality, Services & Utilities, Health & Amenity, Green Belt, and Airport Safeguarding Zones

The following documents can be viewed in full via our planning webpages:

Replacement Minerals Local Plan

Assessment of sand and gravel sites Report

Consultation Response Guidance Note

Please note that the Portal is for comments relating to the Plan and the candidate sites. If you have any questions regarding the consultation, please email


Please note we are unable to accept anonymous responses. It is a requirement of the Local Plan process that comments can only be deemed legitimate (‘‘duly made’’) if they are received in a written format with a name and address supplied. Comments made verbally or anonymously cannot be accepted.

All comments made to this consultation will be made available to view publicly on this portal, including those submitted via letter and email. Information will be published in accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ECC’s own privacy notice.


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