Rejuvenating Clacton Town Centre

Closed 14 Jun 2020

Opened 18 May 2020


Tendring District Council and Essex County Council have been working with businesses and other bodies to draw up proposals for Clacton Town Centre to be put forward in a bid for government’s Future High Streets Fund. Clacton Town Centre has been shortlisted by the government for this funding which aims to transform struggling town centres and make them fit for the future. Up to £25 million is potentially available and the final bid will be made by the end of July 2020. Your views will make our bid for this funding stronger.

This survey looks to:

  • gather businesses/individuals’ views on the proposals
  • understand your priorities
  • identify if there is anything we’ve missed.

This will help inform and support the bid.

Like many other town centres, Clacton has seen declining footfall and falling trade in recent years as it has struggled to compete with the rise in out-of-town and online shopping. This has resulted in some big name brands leaving the town centre, such as Marks and Spencer. The current coronavirus outbreak will no doubt make conditions even harder for the town centre with most of our businesses having to close their doors in line with government guidance to help efforts to restrict the spread of the virus. We are confident the proposals will help to rebuild our town centre economy and put positive measures in place to make our town centre vibrant and successful in the future.

We really appreciate your feedback on the ideas and proposals we have put together and we hope you can support your town centre in the coming months and years. Thank you for your time in responding to this survey, which will help us to make sure we take the right action going forward.

The survey is anonymous and your participation is voluntary. If you wish to withdraw your data, please make a note of the reference number at the end of the survey and contact us on the email above by 14/06/2020. After this date, your data will have been combined with that of others.

Essex County Council and Tendring District Council fully comply with information legislation.  If you would like the full details of how we use personal data, and the rights you have about its use, please go to (or call 03457 430430) and



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