Have Your Say (young people)

Closes 22 May 2025

Opened 20 Jun 2023


Listening is important.  By listening to what you say we can make sure you get the help and support you need.                        

Why your views matter

The Pledge is a set of promises that the council has made to help you do well and succeed. We promise:

  • To do everything we can to make you feel cared about, valued and respected as an individual
  • To do everything we can to keep you safe, healthy and well
  • To make sure you have a social worker who will spend time with you and get to know you
  • To do our best to help you keep in touch with your family, brothers and sisters, and friends when you come into care
  • To make sure you have opportunities to achieve and succeed
  • To fully involve you in decision making so your views are listened to and to explain when we have to make a decision that you may not like or agree with
  • To help you become independent

By filling in this form and telling us what you think, we can check to see how well the Pledge is working for you and other children in care.What you tell us is anonymous which means your name will not be mentioned and you will not be identified from our reports.

Your feedback will be kept safe and will be shared with your social worker and Independent Reviewing Officer. If you tell us that you are unsafe or in need of help, your social worker may contact you to talk about these things.

If you need any help please speak to your social worker. Or you can contact the Children in Care Council by visiting https://cicc.essex.gov.uk or emailing involvement@essex.gov.uk. If you wish to make a complaint or compliment please contact customer care by phone on 0800 085 3248 or by email at ecc.customerservices@essex.gov.uk.


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