Essex Electric Vehicle Charge Point Strategy

Closed 30 Jul 2023

Opened 15 Jun 2023



In Essex, 49% of CO2e emissions are from transport, with over half of these emissions coming from cars. Greenhouse gas emissions cause poor air quality and have a significant impact on our physical and mental health.

To help address this, the UK Government is phasing out the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030. At Essex County Council, we have also committed to reducing emissions to improve air quality and help make Essex net zero by 2050.

Although only part of the solution, Electric Vehicles have a key role to play, alongside our work to encourage sustainable transport options, such as walking and cycling.

We want Essex to lead the way in shifting to safer, greener, healthier travel, and to do so people will need access to a reliable, convenient, accessible and fairly priced network of EV charge points.


Essex Electric Vehicle Charge Point Strategy

Our new draft Essex Electric Vehicle Charge Point Strategy is an important first step in helping to improve access to EV charging points in the county.

It focuses on a 2-3 year timeframe to specifically address charging infrastructure for EV cars and vans.

Our vision for the Essex Electric Vehicle Charge Point Strategy is very simple - to deliver “the right charger in the right place”. 

More information about the strategy, including our action plan, can be found here: public consultation brochure.


Have your say

We want to hear your thoughts on our draft Essex Electric Vehicle Charge Point Strategy before it is finalised and published.

Your views are very important to us and we are running this public consultation to give you an opportunity to provide feedback which will help shape the future electric vehicle charging network in Essex.


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