Birch Glen, Colchester - Proposed 20mph Zone (7084)

Closed 25 Oct 2019

Opened 2 Oct 2019


Colchester Local Highways Panel (LHP) has approved funding for a 20mph Zone on the Birch Glen Estate. This was following a petition from residents concerning speeding on the estate roads.

A survey undertaken in 2014 indicated that mean speeds on Queensland Drive were 24.1mph. Subsequent surveys undertaken in 2018 recorded mean speeds of 22.9mph on Adelaide Drive and 16.2mph on Onslow Crescent. The Birch Glen estate is entirely residential with no through routes so we are proposing to include all the roads leading of Queensland Drive and beyond it.

20 mph Zones should be generally self-enforcing. To achieve compliance, the proposed Zone will include 'traffic calming works' in the form of speed tables and signs. 

Please click on the Related documents near the foot of this page to see the proposed plans and other related information.

Why your views matter

We wish to gauge the residents current level of support for the scheme by means of this survey. The results of the vote would be included on a report to assist with making an informed decision on whether to progress the scheme.

Please note:

  • This vote is at present entirely independent of the statutory objection period that is advertisd by means of Public Notices. Therefore, anyone who wishes to lodge an objection to the proposed order should ensure that they send grounds for their objection in writing to ‘TRO Comments, Network Assurance, Seax House, 2nd Floor, Victoria Road South, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1QH’ or e-mail to quoting reference TRAF/7084, by 25 October 2019.
  • If you have any queries or comments that are not directly related to this survey or the proposed order, please refer to

What happens next

In the event that objections are received it will be necessary to consider them and decide if the scheme should be progressed and if so how. The results of the vote would be included on a report to assist in making an informed decision.

We will inform residents of the outcome of any decision in due course.


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