Understanding Stress-Related Health Needs of Career Men and Women

Closed 10 Mar 2021

Opened 15 Jan 2021


Despite our bodies showing signs of not coping under our modern way of life, the symptoms have been normalised by society and are not treatable by our local doctor. This has led to a diet culture that promises quick aesthetic results, without addressing underlining imbalances. What many people do not realise is that if their body is in a stressed state for a prolonged period, there are various physiological changes the body goes through that can prevent you from losing the weight and keeping it off, as well as increasing the risk of developing other Chronic Lifestyle Diseases.

After 10 years of working in Public Services I have experienced first-hand the impact a busy lifestyle and a stressful career can have on one's health. However, through research, dedication and time I was able to banish my symptoms, reduce the stress-load on my body and achieve optimal health for my mind and body.

My health mission is to reverse this trend, to help others to live a healthy lifestyle alongside our modern way of life. I want to empower you, educate you and energise you to achieve your health and wellbeing goals alongside a busy lifestyle. As a Health Coach, this survey is to help my understanding of what others health experiences are so I can offer the right targeted support through corporate workshops, group coaching and 1:1 coaching. 


What happens next

Information gathered from this survey will inform the content and structure of coaching programmes offered including: corporate workshops; group coaching; and 1:1 coaching. It will also be used by the ECC Wellbeing Team to inform their strategy and support offer.


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  • Anyone from any background


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