Culture and Green Spaces User Survey

Closed 27 Aug 2019

Opened 10 Aug 2019


Culture and Green Spaces is a new and unique portfolio which sits within the Place & Public Health directorate at Essex County Council.

Culture and Green Spaces is responsible for the Essex Country Parks, Cressing Temple Barns, Essex Record Office, Essex Culture, Jaywick Martello Tower and Hadleigh Park.

Our mission is to deliver a broad range of exciting facilities and events for the people of Essex. We want to help residents, their families and friends to understand and take pride in their heritage, countryside and cultural venues. 
Ultimately our aims are for Essex residents to get out more, to enjoy their green spaces, country parks and cultural/heritage places. 

Part of our strategy is to run an increased programme of events to help people discover these destinations and give them a reason to enjoy them.
The money made at these events is ultimately reinvested into Essex communities, the upkeep of the parks and buildings, and to build further entertainment for residents to make the most of their Essex.

Why your views matter

The Culture and Green Spaces team have been working on 'Explore Essex' to bring all these places, spaces and facilites together under one umbrella. 

We now wish to find out more about how Essex residents use their cultural places and green spaces and to test some of the messaging about our facilities and events and the way that they are aligned with the council.


We want to ensure that the way we portray ourselves is as relevant and helpful as possible to Essex residents.

What happens next

Thank you for filling out this survey, your feedback is greatly appreciated.


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