Practice Quality Tool

Closes 1 May 2030

Opened 22 Oct 2021


  1. Introduction
    1. Essex County Council Adult Social Care (ECC ASC) are committed to delivering high quality interventions that are effective in improving people’s outcomes and experiences. In practice, this means ensuring that all contact with Adults in need of care and support is timely, person-centred, proportionate, well-structured and with all relevant information and advice provided being reliable and accurate. 
    2. The Practice Quality Tool is therefore designed to evaluate practice by acquiring and examining evidence against the key adult social care objectives to identify where practice has successfully met the adult’s eligible/non-eligible needs or where it can be improved.
    3. The Practice Quality Tool will report into the effectiveness of our systems, products and arrangements that are aligned to support and sustain the customer journey for Adults who are in receipt of support from ASC.
    4. Findings from the Practice Quality Tool will link to our wider Quality Assurance Framework approach. The findings from the audits will contribute towards practice and service improvement plans which will be shared with the Adult Leadership Team (ALT), who will provide formal governance to the quality assurance process and will act on reports received to inform strategic planning.
    5. This Practice Quality Tool is designed to be used in the following areas of practice: Assessments and Reassessments, Reviews of the Care and Support Plan, Mental Capacity Assessments and Safeguarding Enquiries.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Support for adults