Rejuvenating Clacton Town Centre

Closes 14 Jun 2020

Work to date- Identifying challenges

In 2018, the Council set up a ‘Clacton Town Centre Working Party’ which included the chairman of the Clacton Town Partnership, representatives of a small core of local businesses and key partners including Essex County Council, the Police, the NHS and the representatives of the voluntary sector. The purpose of the Working Party was to identify some of the key challenges facing Clacton Town Centre, develop a positive vision for the future and to come with some constructive ideas for how to improve the situation – which are even more important now, as we recover from the impacts of coronavirus.

The Clacton Town Centre Working Party has identified the following as the main challenges facing the town centre:

  • A poor range of shops, services and facilities compared to other town centres (e.g. Colchester, Chelmsford, Ipswich) and retail parks.
  • A lack of conveniently located car parks, particularly close to the core of the town centre.
  • Problems with anti-social behaviour and street drinking, which make people feel unsafe and discourage them from visiting the town centre.
  • Not enough fun activities to encourage people into the town centre, particularly for younger generations.
  • Poor upkeep, with street cleaning, maintenance and repairs happening too infrequently.
  • Lack of a distinctive ‘brand’ that could help to present the town centre in its most positive light and encourage more people to visit.