Essex Care Leavers Charter

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Closes 6 Nov 2020


1. Do you think your social worker or personal adviser:
Listens to you
Knows you well
Understands you
Respects you
Involves you in decision making
2. Does your social worker or personal adviser:
Guide you to make choices which keep you safe
Guide you to keep healthy and well
Help you learn independent skills
Help you learn about finances and budgeting
Help you plan how to achieve your goals
Help you access education, employment or training
Help you build networks with friends, family and others in your community
3. How prepared do you, or did you, feel for independent living?
4. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about leaving care?
5. Please tell us your name (If you want to):
6. Please tell us your date of birth (if you want to):