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Opened 20 Apr 2021


The POWER project is a targeted early intervention project working across Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET). POWER practitioners offer direct support to children and young people aged 8-13 and their parent/carers to help them develop ways of coping with challenging situations at home, school and in their local communities. POWER also seeks to support schools to develop effective methods to enable children and young people to be successful in school.

Typically, the children and young people POWER seeks to help will be struggling to engage at school, may be truanting internally and will have had contact with or be known to the police, perhaps as a victim or a witness. However, they will not yet have been criminalised (i.e. they will not have been charged for an offence).

Children and young people who are already being supported by Social Care or the Youth Offending Service are not eligible for support from the POWER project.

Please note: There are waiting times in ALL areas of Greater Essex of up to 12 weeks.

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