The Future of Essex

Closed 21 Apr 2019

Opened 21 Mar 2019


In 2017 we consulted with more than 2,000 residents, representatives from public services and businesses across Essex, to better understand their ambitions for our County.

This formed the basis of a shared vision for the county – The Future of Essex

We agreed to work as a collective to achieve our ambitions for the county; unite behind a common sense of identity and work towards tackling some of our biggest challenges over the next two decades.

On behalf of Essex Partners, the Essex Strategic Coordination Group would like to invite you to share your views to help us assess our progress in delivering our shared vision. 

Please can you take 15 minutes of your time to complete the survey, which is focused on assessing:-

  • How the vision has landed within your organisation and how it is reflected in partnership strategies and by partnership board.
  • Progress in developing a shared understanding of ‘whole system’ approaches (and working beyond as well as across the public sector)
  • How we are doing in developing the building blocks that support collaborative effort directed at achieving our ambitions
  • The barriers to successful collaboration and what we can do to address them

Together we have the opportunity to achieve success.

Your contribution to completing the survey will enable us, as components of the Essex system, to understand what is working well and what more we can do to unite and work better as a whole system to support delivery of the Future of Essex.

The survey will be open for responses for four weeks from 21 March – 21 April


  • All Areas


  • Organisations
  • Partnerships
  • Voluntary sector


  • Democracy
  • Policy making