Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire

Closes 31 Mar 2119

Opened 1 Apr 2019


Evidence suggests that mental health problems are over four times more likely for looked after children compared to their peers. Carers continue to report that they find it difficult to access appropriate child and adolescent mental health services. The Government sees it as critical to address the issue of mental health of children looked after in order to improve both their outcomes and life chances. This data covers the emotional and behavioural health of children looked after, as recorded by a main carer in the Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ).

Why We Are Consulting

This information will be required for all children (and young people) who have been looked after continuously for at least 12 months on 31 March of each reporting year and who were aged between 4 years old and 16 years old (inclusive) on the date of the last assessment (the date of the assessment will be up to local authorities to decide but it will occur at least once in an annual cycle). Therefore, children aged between 4 years and 16 years 364 days at the time of their last assessment will be included.

Any child looked after at any point during the 12 month period ending 31 March of the reporting year under an agreed series of short term breaks should not have a SDQ score completed.

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